Sims Technology

The Inspiring Story Behind .simstechnology


For 14 years, Sean dedicated his career to serving as a juvenile correctional officer, witnessing firsthand the devastating impact of violence and assaults. However, his commitment to helping others took a tragic turn when he fell victim to a brutal attack, resulting in a traumatic brain injury that would reshape the course of his life.

During the arduous journey of physical therapy and rehabilitation, Sean found himself grappling with a question that would become the driving force behind his innovation: how can we prevent these senseless acts of violence from happening to others?

The Turning Point:

The answer to Sean’s question began to take shape in the most unexpected places – a serene bike path where he sought solace during his recovery. It was here, while wearing headphones and lost in thought that Sean was struck from behind by a cyclist, unable to hear or react to the impending danger.

At that moment, the concept of .sims technology was born. Sean realized that while cameras could capture these incidents after the fact, no device could warn people of potential threats in real time. He envisioned a technology that could alert wearers to approaching human threats, giving them precious seconds to react and protect themselves.

Empowering Communities:

Sean’s vision for .sims extends far beyond personal safety. He believes that equipping runners, walkers, and anyone seeking protection with this cutting-edge device can foster greater awareness and confidence in our communities.

The .sims device provides real-time alerts and seamlessly uploads images to the cloud for storage and evidence, ensuring that no incident goes undocumented. By putting this technology in the hands of every individual who desires peace of mind, Sean aims to create a world where people can engage in their favorite outdoor activities without fear or hesitation.

Bringing the Vision to Life:

To bring .sims from concept to reality, Sean has assembled a powerhouse team of skilled professionals, each bringing over two decades of experience in their respective fields. From marketing and technology development to company outreach, this passionate group is united by a shared dedication to making .sims a household name synonymous with safety and empowerment.

With their sights set on showcasing .sims at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, Sean and his team tirelessly work to refine and perfect this groundbreaking technology. Their ultimate goal is to create a product and spark a movement that empowers individuals to reclaim their sense of security and freedom in an uncertain world.


The story of .sims is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of innovation to transform lives. Born from Sean Siembab’s personal tragedy and unwavering determination, this remarkable device stands as a hope for anyone who has ever felt vulnerable or afraid.